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On Site Workshops

On Site Workshops

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Bring a workshop to your childcare centre

or early childhood organization!



Create a shared vision and unified approach to discipline within your centre or organization by hosting a Positive Discipline for ChildCare Professionals Workshop for staff!

Current research and findings regarding brain development and function as well as how to best support children’s social emotional development is incorporated into the workshops.

Workshops cover a wide range of relevant topics including:

  • What constitutes effective and positive discipline
  • How to help children self regulate
  • How to create an encouraging and nurturing environment that reduces behaviour challenges while supporting children’s social emotional development 
  • Ways to empower children to use their power in constructive ways
  • How to communicate in ways that invite cooperation from children
  • The importance of connection and attachment in the child care setting
  • Specific tools and methods to deal with common behaviour concerns in non-punitive, positive ways
  • And more!

For a list of possible workshop topics for childcare professionals click here.

Workshops are also available for parents.

Positive Discipline for Childcare Professionals Workshops are offered regularly throughout the year in Alberta.  These workshop dates are posted on this website and on http://www.positivediscipline.ca.

Or bring an “Onsite Workshop” to your centre or organization.

Ruth is available to present Positive Discipline workshops and trainings in other areas throughout the country and would be happy to arrange a presentation for your organization or centre.  Please contact her for details.